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Galileo Research Facts No. 10: Can Galileo Training increase jumping height in older individuals?

Galileo Research Facts No. 10: Can Galileo Training increase jumping height in older individuals?

Dass Galileo Training bei Sportlern beispielsweise die Sprunghöhe steigert wurde schon in einer der ersten Galileo Studien (Bosco, Cardinale 1998) gezeigt (bei Sportlern liegt der Effekt aber eher in der Region von 10%). Wie diese Studie zeigt ist das ein Effekt, den eigentlich jeder erreichen kann, wenn er ermüdendes Training beispielsweise bei hohen Frequenzen (z.B. 30Hz) durchführt. Ziel ist es bei diesem Training die Leistung der Muskulatur zu steigern (eine Muskelmassevergrößerung ist hier kein primäres Ziel). Hierzu ist es sehr effektiv die Beinmuskulatur (insbesondere die Oberschenkel und den Glutaeus) in kurzer Zeit zu verausgaben. Hierzu sind hohe Frequenzen nötig (25Hz und höher, lieber bei höherer Frequenz und engerer Fußposition trainieren als andersherum).

A great exercise is No. 41 (deep skiing squat): Frequency 30Hz or higher, position 1-2, knee angel 90°, lean upper body forward but load the heel sat the same time (just to the point where you start to unload/lift the toes – in this case the support area becomes quite small and therefore the exercise is also addressing balance). Exhaust the upper legs now as much as possible until you cannot hold the position any more.

Try to reach that point in less than 90 seconds (best within 60 seconds). If you take longer, try to increase the training intensity (e.g. by increasing frequency or extra load using a weight vest or better a dumbbell) but increase the extra load slowly because in this case the back extensors are usually exhausted earlier than the upper legs. Start with 10 to 20kg and increase up to half the body mass (or more for athletes).

Important for such exercises to increase power is to continuously adapt training intensity to hopefully increasing physical abilities. If the exercise can be done for 90 seconds or longer increase intensity until it can be only done for 60 seconds.

Methods to increase training intensity during Galileo Training: Amplitude: (wider foot position) (#GRFS111, #GRFS167, #GRFS21), frequency (#GRFS95, #GRFS109, #GRFS167, #GRFS23, #GRFS21, #GRFS20, #GRFS3), knee angle (squatting) (#GRFS4) and additional load (weights) (#GRFS4).

Attention: Exercises with extra loads as described here are only advisable for individuals without back-problems.

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