Galileo® Training in competitive sports

Galileo® Training to improve performance in competitive sports

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Elisabeth Brandau:

Teammanager Team

Galileo Training in athlete cycling (MTB, Marathon, Cross Country)
in the preparation phase for competitions

Medical assistance: Dr. Helge Riepenhof

Galileo Training in cycling during training camps and tours

  • Regeneration after training or competition
  • Improve flexibility and range of motion
  • Increase the maximum capacity of the cyclists

Our recommendations

For athlete training we recommend the following systems

Galileo Pro Base

Galileo® Pro

Galileo Fit Base

Galileo® Fit

Galileo Fit Extreme PT Tower Bundle 1200 5

Galileo® Fit Extreme PT Bundle

Leonardo GRFP PRO

Mechanograph® GRFP PRO

Leonardo Mechanograph Kiosk

Mechanograph® XL

xelerate x700

Power Area x700

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