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Galileo Research Facts No. 20: Can Galileo Training increase blood flow?

Galileo Research Facts No. 21: Does blood-flow during Galileo Training increase with frequency and Amplitude?

This study documents an effect that anyone can easily try out for themselves: The increase in blood circulation through Galileo Training. In principle, this effect occurs at any frequency, but is significantly stronger at higher frequencies and larger amplitudes (#GRFS21). This increased blood flow can make itself felt on the one hand through brief reddening of the skin and on the other hand also through tingling or itching. The latter is due to the fact that the vessels dilate and thus there is significantly more blood in the muscle, for example.

The so-called muscle pump, i.e. the slow contraction of the muscles (e.g. by walking), is needed to transport this away again (and thus counteract the tingling). The extent of the reaction decreases over time, but the blood supply to the muscles is simultaneously improved in the medium term – one of the reasons for positive effects of Galileo Training on endurance (#GRFS11, #GRFS12). Other studies on the topic prove these effects #GRFS23, #GRFS24, #GRFS81.

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