Training and therapy equipment as well as measurement systems for neurology, muscle and bone.

About us

Novotec Medical GmbH &
Stratec Medizintechnik GmbH

Founded in 2001, the company Novotec Medical
GmbH, based in Pforzheim, Germany, is a TÜV-certified manufacturer of Galileo® training and therapy equipment and Leonardo Mechanograph® motion analysis equipment.
Novotec emerged from its sister company Stratec Medizintechnik GmbH, which was founded in 1987 and developed pQCT Computertomography-Systems for osteoporosis research and diagnostics. It has since expanded its product range to include the xelerate®.you training systems for cognitive fitness.
Together they develop, produce and market measurement systems and training- as well as therapy devices for neurology muscles and bone around the globe.

Our training and therapy equipment

Galileo® Training, Galileo® Therapy and xelerate® cognitive fitness

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Galileo Fit Extreme PT Tower Bundle 1200 5
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Galileo Med L 1200
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xelerate x500 MED

Your Galileo® advantages

Professional training devices are essential nowadays because... . .

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Improvement of muscle function


Relaxation of the musculature

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Fast regeneration after training

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Improving coordination

What our customers say

Since over 35 years out companies support our customers with innovative measurement, training and therapy systems covering the fields of neruligy, msucle dn bone.
Read what our customers say about our products, or contact us to find out about them yourserf.

Our diagnostics systems

Leonardo Mechanograph® & PQCT®

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Leonardo GRFP STD MED Chair 30
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Stratec xCT 3000

From research into practice

Innovative measuring systems as well as training and therapy devices for neurology, muscle and bone.

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Medical device

Many of our training devices are medically approved.

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Made in Germany

Development and manufacturing in Germany.

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35+ years of expertise

A group of companies that has been active worldwide in research and application for decades


Robust & Durable

Robust, durable & maintenence free - high quality and sustainability

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Optimized Devices

Adapted to the most diverse areas of application - e.g. training, therapy, prevention, private.

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Backed by Science

More than 2000 scientific publications about our products about our systems.

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News about us

Trade fair, dates and events


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DE, Köln


Theme Muscle & Bone

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Do you have questions about our products or would you like to purchase a product?

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