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Galileo Research Facts No. 35: Can Galileo Training increase jumping performance after only 10 days?

Galileo Research Facts No. 35: Can Galileo Training increase jumping performance after only 10 days?

This study started all – the first study about Whole Body Vibration Training (WBV) ever. Done by Carmelo Bosco and Marco Cardinal back in 1998. It was also the study giving the name for this new training method and it was done using a Galileo 2000 device – on of the first series. Even though the effects seem small at first sight keep in mind that this was achieved in a group of active handball and water polo player who performed sport-specific training 3 times per week and only got 10 sets of Galileo Training with 5×2 minutes. What is remarkable is that especially the average jumping height during 5 minutes of continuous jumping increased by 12%. This means the training also had a significant effect on endurance. A fact which has been shown by many studies since (z.B. #GRFS11 #GRFS12 #GRFS28 #GRFS33).

This is also one of the studies which is quoted incorrectly by many Galileo copies because it was done using high frequencies (26Hz) which many of the cheap copies are not able to produce – often they are limited to about 15Hz only and therefore they cannot reach the frequency range needed for training at high muscle activation levels for effective performance improvements (#GRFS3, #GRFS6)

The first Galileo study but already using one of the most effective Galileo body weight training exercises for upper leg and glutes: Exercise No. 44: deep one-legged squats (don’t forget to put the weight on the heel to maximize the training on the upper leg and not on the calf with weight on the heel – by the way: the more you shift the weight on the heel the more training effect on the Tibialis Anterior and for balance). Effective body weight training for advanced users – for beginners you can also do the same exercise using both legs (Exercise 41) – if you do that at real 90° Knee angle (knees almost horizontal) 60 seconds can really exhaust an untrained upper leg to its extreme- if you want to make it even harder add 2 5kg dumbbells and hold then in front of you with straight arms and arms parallel to the floor (and don’t forget to put the weight on the heels!)

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