Exercise EW5: Lower back relaxation

Galileo Training Exercise EW5

Exercise EW5: Lower back relaxation

Goal: Relaxation of lower back

Preparation: Stepper (about same height as Galileo device) in-front of the Galileo to create an even surface, kneel onYoga mat

Parameters: Frequency: 12-18 Hz / Position: 2-3 / Duration: 2 minutes

Posture: Quadruped posture, knees on Galileo, hand with straight arms on stepper, 90° between upper leg / arms and upper body.
Movement: Keep tilting pelvis slowly forward and relaxing it again. Shift upper body slightly forward and backwards, to find you individual optimal posture for relaxation.

Tip: The frequency is not to be understood as “intensity” but much more as an individual preference which might change over time. One prefers 12 Hz the other 18 Hz – so imply try out different frequencies between 12 and 18 Hz to find your personal favorite.

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