Exercise EW16: Hamstrings Training (hard)

Galileo Training Exercise EW16

Exercise EW16: Hamstrings Training (hard)

Advanced exercise

Goal: Muscle Volume/Power Hamstrings, Glutes, Abs

Accessories: Yoga mat

Parameters: Frequency: 25-30 Hz (higher frequencies increase intensity of exercise) / Position: 2-3 / Dauer: 30-60 seconds per leg

Posture: Stepper in front of the Galileo device, yoga mat on top of stepper and Galileo device. Lie on your back on the stepper, lift heel of one foot on the Galileo, toes lifted (90° ankle angle), second leg straight forward in the air.
Movement: Bring hip slowly upwards and downwards, but never touch the ground neither with hip nor with leg in the air. If the hip is in upper position, the knee angle should be about 90°. Repeat exercise for other leg.

Repetitions: Repeat exercise 2-3 times with a pause of 1-3 minutes in-between.

Tipp 1: The yoga mat prevents the heels to slip forwards and allow a slightly wider foot position.

Tipp 2: To further enhance training effects, use exercise EW14 or EW27 after this exercise in order to stretch the trained muscle groups.

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