Exercise EW17: Kneeling push-ups

Galileo Training Exercise EW17

Exercise EW17: Kneeling push-ups

For advanced user, please choose exercise: W25.

Goal: Strengthening arms and chest

Accessories: Yoga mat

Parameters: Frequency: 24-28 Hz / Position 1.5-2.5 /

Duration: 15-30 seconds

Posture: Kneel in front of the Galileo plate and place your hands on the plate so that your knees carry most of your body weight. The knees are behind the buttocks. The hands are slightly below the shoulders (straight line). Keep your back straight and avoid a hollow back position. Slowly bend your arms (obliquely backwards) to about 90°.
Movement: Then slowly push back up. Elbow joints are not fully extended in the end position. As a result, a basic tension remains in the muscles and the training effect is greater/faster. If you should feel too much vibration in your head, let your head hang relaxed. This significantly reduces transmission.

Repetitions: Repeat exercise 2-3 times with a pause of 1-3 minutes in-between.

Tip 1: Put a yoga mat/towel underneath your, so that your hands don’t rub on the plate.

Tip 2: Yoga mat also under the knees so that the pressure is reduced and the position is more comfortable.

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