Exercise EW3: Stretching back in rotation (easy)

Galileo Training Exercise EW3

Exercise EW3: Stretching back in rotation (easy)

Variation of Exercise W7

Goal: Relaxation & stretching of back muscles for beginners

Parameters: Frequency: 16-18Hz / Position: 0 / Duration: 2-3 minutes

Posture: Sit crossed-legged on front edge of the Galileo plate, feet on the floor, upper body upright, hands on shoulders, elbows horizontal.
Movement: Maximum rotation of shoulder and head (hip stays in neutral position). Hold maximum position for about 20 seconds then repeat for opposite direction.

Attention: Sit centered on position 0!

Tip: In maximum position slightly shift weight from one bottom cheek to the other. This way, depending on the current posture, you can influence the transmission of the vibration to the head and you can target the vibration on the spot of your back under tension. You can also tilt the pelvis in both directions to influence transmission of the vibration.

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