Exercise EW13: Hamstrings Training (easy)

Galileo Training Exercise EW13

Exercise EW13: Hamstrings Training (easy)

Exercise for beginners

Goal: Muscle Volume/Power Hamstrings, Glutes, Abs

Accessories: Stepper (about same height as Galileo device), Yoga mat

Parameters: Frequency: 25-35 Hz (higher frequencies increase intensity of exercise) / Position 2-3 / Duration: 30-60 seconds

Posture: Stepper in front of the Galileo device, yoga mat on top of stepper and Galileo device. Lie on your back on the stepper, heels on the Galileo, toes lifted (90° ankle angle).
Movement: Bring hip slowly upwards and downwards, but never touch the ground. If the hip is in upper position, the knee angle should be about 90°.

Repetitions: Repeat exercise 2-3 times with a pause of 1-3 minutes in-between.

Tipp 1: The yoga mat prevents the heels to slip forwards and allow a slightly wider foot position.

Tipp 2: To further increase training effects, use exercise EW14 or EW27 to relax and stretch the trained muscle groups.

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