Exercise EW19: Stair Climb

Galileo Training Exercise EW19

Exercise EW19: Stair climb

Goal: Improvement of power and force of Thigh & Glutes

Parameters: Frequency: 25-30 Hz / Position: 1.5-2.5 / Duration: 30-60 sec

Posture: Place one foot on Galileo (position 2) and the other foot in a step position “behind” the device. The rear leg is almost or fully extended (depending on your height).
Movement: Now shift your weight to the leg on Galileo and climb up like a stair step. Straighten your knee slowly and dynamically. Make sure you are stable and don’t tip over too much.

Repetitions: Repeat exercise 2-3 times with a pause of 1-3 minutes in-between.

Tip: To increase intensity, you can also add Wobble 2 (if available)

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