Precision Errors and Monitoring Time Interval in Pediatric Muscle Imaging and Neuromuscular Performance Assessment.


OBJECTIVES: To determine precision errors and monitoring time intervals in imaged muscle properties and neuromuscular performance, and to explore growth-related factors associated with precision errors in children. METHODS: We included 35 children (mean age 10.5yrs) in the precision study cohort and 40 children (10.7yrs) in the follow-up study cohort. We assessed forearm and lower leg muscle properties (area, density) with peripheral quantitative computed tomography. We measured neuromuscular performance via maximal pushup, grip force, countermovement and standing long jump force, power, and impulse along with long jump length. We calculated precision errors (root-mean-squared coefficient of variation) from the precision cohort and monitoring time intervals using annual changes from the follow-up cohort. We explored associations between precision errors (coefficient of variation) and maturity, time interval (between repeated measures), and anthropometric changes using Spearman’s rank correlation (p43yrs). We identified only one association between precision errors and maturity (maximal pushup force: rho=-0.349; p=0.046). CONCLUSIONS: Imaging muscle properties and neuromuscular performance measures had precision errors of 1-14% and appeared suitable for follow-up on ~2yr scales (except muscle density). Maximal pushup force appeared more repeatable in mature children.

Author: Zheng Y, Lanovaz JL, Johnston JJD, Kontulainen SA

Organization: College of Kinesiology, University of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Year: 2024

GID: 6154

Created on: 05.03.2024

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