Immobilization by 21 days of bed rest results in type II collagen degradation in healthy individuals.


OBJECTIVE: To investigate the effects of 21 days of bed rest immobilization (with and without exercise and nutrition interventions) on type II collagen biomarker concentrations in healthy individuals. DESIGN: Twelve healthy male participants (age 34.2 +/- 8.3 years; body mass index 22.4 +/- 1.7 kg/m(2)) were exposed to 6 days ambulatory baseline data collection (BDC), 21 days head-down-tilt bed rest (HDT, CON) + interventions (HDT + resistive vibration exercise (2 times/week, 25 minutes): RVE; HDT + RVE + whey protein (0.6 g/kg body weight/day) and bicarbonate supplementation (90 mmol KHCO(3)/day: NeX), and 6 days of re-ambulation (R) in a cross-over designed study. The starting HDT condition was randomized (CON-RVE-NEX, RVE-NEX-CON, NEX-CON-RVE). Blood and urine samples were collected before, during, and after HDT. Serum concentrations (s) of CPII, C2C, C1,2C, and urinary concentrations (u) of CTX-II and Coll2-1NO2 were measured. RESULTS: Twenty-one days of HDT resulted in increased sCPII (p < 0.001), sC2C (p < 0.001), and sC1,2C (p = 0.001) (highest increases: sCPII (+24.2% - HDT5), sC2C (+24.4% - HDT7), sC1,2C (+13.5% - HDT2). sC2C remained elevated at R+1 (p = 0.002) and R+6 (p < 0.001) compared to baseline. NeX led to lower sCPII (p < 0.001) and sC1,2C (p = 0.003) compared to CON. uCTX-II (second void and 24-hour urine) increased during HDT (p < 0.001, highest increase on HDT21: second void +82.8% (p < 0.001); 24-hour urine + 77.8% (p < 0.001). NeX resulted in lower uCTX-II concentrations in 24-hour urine (p = 0.012) compared to CON. CONCLUSIONS: Twenty-one days of bed rest immobilization results in type II collagen degradation that does not recover within 6 days of resuming ambulation. The combination of resistive vibration exercise and protein/bicarbonate supplementation minimally counteracted this effect.

Author: Liphardt AM, Godonou ET, Dreiner M, Mundermann A, Tascilar K, Djalal N, Heer M, Schett G, Zaucke F, Niehoff A

Organization: Department of Internal Medicine 3 - Rheumatology Deutsches Zentrum Immuntherapie (DZI), Universitatsklinikum Erlangen

Year: 2024

GID: 6146

Created on: 19.02.2024

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