Whole-Body Vibration Results in Short-Term Improvement in the Gait of Children With Idiopathic Toe Walking.


This study aimed to determine the impact of multiple doses of whole-body vibration on heel strike, spatial and temporal gait parameters, and ankle range of motion of children with idiopathic toe walking. Whole-body vibration was applied for 5 sets of 1 minute vibration/1 minute rest. Gait measures were collected pre intervention, 1, 5, 10, and 20 minutes postintervention with the GaitRite((R)) electronic walkway. Ankle range of motion was measured preintervention, immediately postintervention, and 20 minutes postintervention. The mean (SD) age of the 15 children (n = 10 males) was 5.93 (1.83) years. An immediate increase in heel contact (P = .041) and ankle range of motion (P = .001 and P = .016) was observed. These changes were unsustained 20 minutes postvibration (P > .05). The gait improvement from whole-body vibration could potentially be due to a rapid increase in ankle range of motion or a neuromodulation response.

Author: Williams CM, Michalitsis J, Murphy AT, Rawicki B, Haines TP

Organization: Physiotherapy Department, Monash University, Victoria, Australia Allied Health Research Unit, Monash Health, Monash Children's Hospital, Victoria, Australia cylie.williams@monash.edu.

Year: 2016

GID: 5668

Created on: 04.04.2022

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