Non-traditional HIIT-style ROTC training elicits positive bone quality and performance adaptations.


Military personnel experience elevated bone injury incidence, partly due to arduous and repetitive training. Non-traditional High-Intensity Interval Training-style (HIIT) may benefit pre-enlisted Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) cadet’s musculoskeletal health and performance prior to military service. This study investigated 16 ROTC (n = 12 males; n = 4 females) and 15 physically active sex-, age-, and body mass-matched Controls’ musculoskeletal health and performance from November to April. Total body, lumbar spine, and dual- hip dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry scans and 4%, 38%, 66% tibial peripheral quantitative computed tomography scans, blood draws (serum sclerostin and parathyroid hormone), and maximal muscle strength and aerobic capacity testing were completed. From November to April, ROTC improved bone density (DXA) of the dominant total hip and greater trochanter and non-dominant greater trochanter and 38% and 66% tibial total volumetric and cortical bone density (pQCT) similarly or more than Controls (all p </= 0.049). From November to April, ROTC also improved bench and leg press, and peak aerobic capacity (all p </= 0.013). From November to January, serum sclerostin increased (p </= 0.007) and remained elevated through April, while parathyroid hormone was unchanged. HIIT-style training induced positive musculoskeletal adaptations, suggesting it may be an excellent pre-service training modality for this injury prone group.

Author: Redinger AL, Allen SMF, Buchanan SR, Black CD, Baker BS

Organization: Musculoskeletal Adaptations to Aging and eXercise (MAAX) Lab, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK, USA.

Year: 2023

GID: 6122

Created on: 15.01.2024

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