Effects of Sensorimotor Training on Transversus Abdominis Activation in Chronic Low Back Pain Patients.


(1) Background: The aim of this study was to investigate and compare the effect of sensorimotor training on transversus abdominis activation. (2) Methods: Seventy-five patients with chronic low back pain were randomly assigned to one of three groups (whole body vibration training using Galileo((R)), coordination training using Posturomed((R)), or physiotherapy (control)). Transversus abdominis activation was measured by using sonography pre- and post-intervention. Second, changes in clinical function tests and their correlation with the sonographic measurements were determined. (3) Results: All three groups showed an improvement in activation of the transversus abdominis post-intervention, with the Galileo((R)) demonstrating the largest improvement. There were no relevant (r > 0.5) correlations between activation of the transversus abdominis muscle and any clinical tests. (4) Conclusions: The present study provides evidence that sensorimotor training on the Galileo((R)) significantly improves the activation of the transversus abdominis muscle.

Author: Marchand F, Laudner K, Delank KS, Schwesig R, Steinmetz A

Organization: Department of Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery, Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, 06120 Halle, Germany.

Year: 2023

GID: 6001

Created on: 30.05.2023

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