Effects of different warm-up modalities on power output during the high pull.


This study compared the effects of six warm-up modalities on peak power output (PPO) during the high-pull exercise. Nine resistance-trained males completed six trials using different warm-ups: high-pull specific (HPS), cycle, whole body vibration (WBV), cycle+HPS, WBV+HPS and a control. Intramuscular temperature (Tm) was increased by 2 degrees C using WBV or cycling. PPO, Tm and electromyography (EMG) were recorded during each trial. Two high-pulls were performed prior to and 3 min after participants completed the warm-up. The greatest increase in PPO occurred with HPS (232.8 +/- 89.7 W, P < 0.001); however, this was not different to combined warm-ups (cycle+HPS 158.6 +/- 121.1 W; WBV+HPS 177.3 +/- 93.3 W, P = 1.00). These modalities increased PPO to a greater extent than those that did not involve HPS (all P < 0.05). HPS took the shortest time to complete, compared to the other conditions (P < 0.05). EMG did not differ from pre to post warm-up or between modalities in any of the muscles investigated. No change in Tm occurred in warm-ups that did not include cycling or WBV. These results suggest that a movement-specific warm-up improves performance more than temperature-related warm-ups. Therefore, mechanisms other than increased muscle temperature and activation may be important for improving short-term PPO.

Author: Barnes MJ, Petterson A, Cochrane DJ

Organization: a School of Sport and Exercise , Massey University , Palmerston North , New Zealand.

Year: 2017

GID: 4611

Created on: 14.01.2018

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