Effects of Controlled Whole-body Vibration Training on Balance and Fall Outcomes Among Healthy Older Adults: A 6-Week Pilot Study.


BACKGROUND: Falling is the second leading cause of injury-related death worldwide and is a leading cause of injury among older adults. Whole-body vibration has been used to improve balance and reduce fall risk in older adults. No study has assessed if vibration benefits can be retained over time. OBJECTIVES: The aims of this study were to examine if six-weeks of whole-body vibration could improve balance and fall outcomes, and to assess if benefits associated with the training program could be sustained two months following the final training session. DESIGN AND SETTING: Repeated measures randomized controlled design. PARTICIPANTS: Twenty-four independent living older adults were recruited and were randomly assigned to the whole-body vibration or control group. INTERVENTION: Participants performed three sessions of whole-body vibration training per week with a vibration frequency of 20 Hz or with only an audio recording of the vibration noise. An assessment of balance and fall outcomes was performed prior to, immediately following, and two-months after the completion of the training program. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Composite balance scores from the Berg Balance Scale and treadmill fall rates were assessed pre-training, post-training, and two-months post-training. RESULTS: Seventeen participants completed the study. No between groups differences were found (p<0.05) in the measures of balance or fall rates. CONCLUSIONS: Findings revealed that six weeks of whole-body vibration was not effective in improving balance scores or fall rates.

Author: Saucedo F, Chavez EA, Vanderhoof HR, Pradeep Ambati VN, Eggleston JD

Organization: Department of Kinesiology, Penn State Altoona, Altoona, PA, USA.

Year: 2022

GID: 5937

Created on: 20.03.2023

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