Effect of Whole-Body Vibration Exercise on Hamstrings-to-Quadriceps Ratio, Walking Performance, and Postural Control in Children With Hemiparetic Cerebral Palsy: A Randomized Controlled Trial.


OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of whole-body vibration (WBV) exercises combined with traditional physiotherapy on the hamstrings-to-quadriceps (H:Q) ratio, walking ability, and control of posture in children with hemiparetic cerebral palsy (CP). METHODS: A total of 34 children with spastic hemiparetic CP (boys and girls) participated in this 2-arm, parallel, randomized controlled trial. The inclusion criteria were spasticity ranging from 1 to 1+, gross level skills (I and II), at least 1 meter tall, standing alone, and walking forward and backward. They were randomly allocated to the control group (traditional physiotherapy) and study group and were treated by the same physiotherapy program combined with WBV training (3 times per week for 2 successive months). Quadriceps and hamstring muscle strength, walking performance, and postural control were evaluated before and after intervention by a blinded assessor. RESULTS: The post-intervention values of the hamstring and quadriceps muscle force, gross motor function, and stability indices of the 2 groups were higher than the pre-values (P < .05). In addition, the post-values of the study group were higher than those of the control group (P < .05). Regarding the H:Q ratio, there was no significant difference between pre-values or the post-values of both groups (P = .948 and P = .397, respectively). There were no significant differences between the pre- and post-values of each group (P = .500 and P = .195, respectively). CONCLUSION: Eight weeks of WBV training combined with traditional physiotherapy was more effective than traditional physiotherapy alone in improving walking ability and postural control. Furthermore, the combined intervention strengthened the quadriceps and hamstring muscles, with no change in the H:Q ratio in children with hemiparetic CP.

Author: Hegazy RG, Abdel-Aziem AA

Organization: Department of Pediatric Physical Therapy, Faculty of Physical Therapy, Cairo University, Giza, Egypt.

Year: 2023

GID: 6010

Created on: 20.06.2023

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