A Randomized Controlled Trial of Whole-Body Vibration on Gait Ability and Balance among Older Hemodialysis Patients.


BACKGROUND: Gait abnormality is a serious problem among hemodialysis patients. Whole-body vibration is a simple exercise that induces sustained muscular contractions through mechanical vibrations. This training improved gait ability in older adults. We aimed to investigate the effect of whole-body vibration on balance and gait ability in older hemodialysis patients. METHODS: We conducted a 12-week, open-label, multicenter, randomized controlled trial of 98 hemodialysis patients, who were aged >/=65 years, from three dialysis centers in Japan. Those who had difficulty walking alone or dementia were excluded. Patients were randomly allocated to the whole-body vibration group or control group. The training was performed for 3 minutes thrice a week on dialysis days. The primary outcome was the Timed Up and Go test. The secondary outcomes were the single-leg stand test and 30-second chair stand test. RESULTS: The mean (SD) age of the participants was 76 (7) years. The mean (SD) Timed Up and Go test was 12.0 (6.6) and 11.8 (7.0) seconds in the whole-body vibration and control groups, respectively. During the 12-week study period, 6 (12%) of 49 patients in the whole-body vibration group and 3 (6%) of 49 patients in the control group dropped out. In the whole-body vibration group, 42 (86% of the randomly allocated patients) completed the training according to the protocol. The mean (SD) changes in the Timed Up and Go test were -1.1 (4.0) and -1.4 (4.4) seconds in the whole-body vibration and control groups, respectively (change, 0.3 seconds in the whole-body vibration group; 95% confidence interval, -1.4 to 2.0; P=0.71). The changes in the single-leg stand test and 30-second chair stand test did not differ significantly between groups. There were no musculoskeletal adverse events directly related to this training. CONCLUSIONS: Whole-body vibration did not improve balance and gait ability. CLINICAL TRIAL REGISTRY NAME AND REGISTRATION NUMBER: Effect of Whole Body Vibration on Walking Performance in Elderly Hemodialysis Patients NCT04774731.

Author: Asahina Y, Sakaguchi Y, Kajimoto S, Hattori K, Oka T, Kaimori JY, Kashihara N, Isaka Y

Organization: Department of Nephrology, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine, Suita, Osaka, Japan.

Year: 2023

GID: 5900

Created on: 06.02.2023

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